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  • "The Rolomotion software is designed to convert an iPhone or an iPod touch into a motion controller, similar to a Nintendo Wii Remote." [...]
  • "A tennis game app designed for your TV (or computer) that turns swinging your iPhone into an onscreen avatar swinging a virtual racket." [...]
  • "Rolocule Games launched an iOS app — Motion Tennis — that turns your Apple TV into a Wii-esque gaming console." [...]
  • "The technology is there, and more importantly, it works. Using the iPhone as a tennis racquet feels responsive, and there are multiple hand motions for hitting the ball different ways." [...]
  • "All you need is an Apple TV and an iPhone: hook the two up, open the app, and you’re playing tennis." [...]
  • "I'm Loving It (4/5 Flick Tennis Review)." [...]
  • "Super Badminton is exciting. Graphics and animation are top-notch."
  • "Fancy a game of Badminton on your iPhone." [...]
  • "Flick Tennis is perfect mix of an engaging storyline and addictive gameplay that ensures you never have a dull moment." [...]
  • "The best badminton game I’ve ever played" [...]
  • "Overall, Flick Tennis offers a unique line-drawing tennis game with great-looking 3D graphics." [...]
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Rolomotion launches on Android with Motion Tennis Cast

Motion Tennis Cast on Android Our Edison award winning tech Rolomotion™ made quite a wave when we first launched it for iOS with Motion Te

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Dance Party TV – The Coolest Way To Game On Roku TV

Dance Party TV is bringing in a new era of Roku games because it is first that requires that you use your full body to interact, not just y