Get ready for the most immersive tennis experience ever on iOS!

Motion Tennis truly puts the racquet in the palm of your hand and brings Motion Gaming to your iPhone using Apple TV.

Motion Tennis delivers the deepest and richest tennis experience ever developed for this platform with real life tennis shots and multiple game modes.

• Swing like a Champion: Get the real feel of tennis as you swing real forehands and backhands by swinging your iPhone/iPod Touch and taking control of your player on TV.
• Hitting glory: Hit multiple shots like the groundstrokes, slice and lob, and simultaneously give accurate direction to the ball, just like in real tennis.
• Multiplayer: Team up with friends and family by connecting two iPhones wirelessly and play together as doubles partners to beat the opponents.
• Tennis fitness: Get an approximate count of calories burnt with each tennis match and track total calories burnt.
• The new home of tennis: Choose between Grass, Clay or Synthetic courts along with four difficulty levels to become a tennis master.
• Tennis Survivor: Think you can survive this continuous onslaught? Play the survival mode where you cannot make even ONE mistake. Get a highscore and compete in Online leader boards.
• Other features: Multiple game centre achievements, beautifully designed second screen support, dynamic cameras for more immersive user experience and more.

Experience the next generation of mobile games on your TV!

• Motion Tennis ONLY works with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch (5th Generation) with iOS 6.0 and above with Airplay mirroring provided by Apple TV (2nd and 3rd Generation).
• For Safety of your device, please read the safety tips in the main menu of the game.

For more details, visit: or or mail us at for any clarifications.

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This game is powered by rolomotion – a patent pending technology that precisely tracks various 3D and 2D movements of your iOS device. More games using this technology, specifically developed for Apple platform, will soon change the way you look at your Apple TV.

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I love Motion Tennis. It’s a great idea, well executed, and hopefully sets a precedent.

Motion Tennis delivers the deepest and richest tennis experience ever developed for this platform with real life tennis shots and multiple game modes.

The technology is there, and more importantly, it works. Using the iPhone as a tennis racquet feels responsive.


How do I enable Airplay Mirroring on my device?

1. Connect your HD television and Apple TV with a HDMI cable.


2. Connect your iPhone or iPod Touch and your Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. On your iPhone or iPod Touch, double-click the Home Button to display your recently used apps.

4. Swipe your recently used apps twice from left to right until you see the Airplay icon.

5. Tap the Airplay icon to display a list of available AirPlay devices.

6. Enable AirPlay Mirroring from this menu by tapping the name of your Apple TV, then toggle the on/off slider to ON.

Airplay Settings


For more information, visit : How to use AirPlay Mirroring

How do I calibrate my device to play Motion Tennis?

1. Stand in front of your television.

2. Point your device towards the television.

Calibration 1

3. Tap ‘right hand’ or ‘left hand’. (ONLY tap the hand that you are going to be playing/swinging with. Do NOT press both buttons, your device will be calibrated incorrectly.)

Calibration 2

4. Tap ‘Play’ to continue.

Calibration 3

I am unable to find the Airplay Mirroring icon after swiping through my recently used apps. How do I fix this?

Make sure your Apple TV and your Device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This can be done through the settings menu. Return to the Home screen and swipe left through your recently used apps, you should be able to see the Airplay Mirroring Icon Airplay and connect to your Apple TV.

Can I play Motion Tennis if I don’t have Apple TV?

We recommend using Apple TV to play Motion Tennis. In case you don’t have an Apple TV, you can also play the game on Airplay Mirroring simulators available for your Mac and PC. You can download Airplay Mirroring emulators here:

1. AirServer:

2. Reflector:

Can I play Motion Tennis with my iPhone 4?

No. iPhone 4 and below do not support Airplay mirroring. However, iPhone 4 and iPod 4th Gen can be used to connect as client ONLY in multiplayer. We do not recommend buying Motion Tennis if an iPhone 4 is your primary device.

Will I be able to play Motion Tennis with my iPad?

Ipad 2 and above do support Airplay, so you will be able to play Motion Tennis on your iPad. However, we strongly advise against it, as there is a much higher risk of accidents or damage as iPads do not offer optimal grip.

How do I keep my device safe while playing Motion Tennis?

We recommend you to ALWAYS keep your iDevice in a case/sleeve and wear a strap/loop while playing Motion Tennis to ensure the safety of your device and belongings. For the best way to hold your device while playing, please go through the ‘Safety Tips’ section which is available to you from the Main Menu of the game.

How do I disable local notifications from Motion Tennis?

To turn off all notifications from Motion Tennis, please follow the steps below :

Settings -> Notifications -> Tap on Motion Tennis -> Notification Center = Off, Alert Style = None, Badge App Icon = OFF, Sounds = OFF, View In Lock Screen = OFF.

This will completely block all types of notifications from the app.
Does Motion Tennis have language support?

Motion Tennis currently only supports French. The game will be available to you in French only if your display is set to French language through the Settings Menu on your device. If your device is set to any language other than French, the game will be available to you in English only.

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