Dead Among Us – App Store Best of 2015

We are thrilled, elated, delighted, proud and excited to announce that your favorite sniper style zombie shooter – Dead Among Us has been announced as one of the App Store Best of 2015 game! 

This is second time in a row! Last year, our game, Dance Party was selected as App Store Best of 2014 and this year we have made it to the list again!  This is a huge vindication of our vision of creating world class products with razor sharp focus on user experience and quality.

Dead Among Us for iOS

Rolocule Diaries – Dead Among Us

Dead Among Us was a big plunge for us considering its ambitious plans and our hunger to set new benchmarks with it in the Indian gaming industry. When we started working on this game, we knew two things that we wanted to offer – the best possible user experience and endless entertainment value, without compromising on the complexity and nitty-gritty of a shooter. This gave rise to our awesome control scheme – deceptively deep yet insansely straight-forward and simple to play, to promote the ease of play on mobile devices.

Dead Among Us gave us several reasons to celebrate and has motivated us in many ways than one. During the launch week, it was chosen as “Editors’ Choice” in Asia and Best New Game in Europe, Australia and South America at the App Store. App Store later gave us yet another moment of joy, sometime in October where it recognized the game and beautified its App Store page, at par with some of the best games out there!  It was also awarded the “Game of the Year” at the prestigious NASSCOM GDC 2015, earlier in November.

Dead Among Us on iTunes listing

It wouldn’t have been possible for us to reach at this point without your love and support. From all of us here at Rolocule, a huge thank you to everyone who played Dead Among Us. Thanks to everyone who shared it and told their family and friends about it. Special thanks to everyone who took the time to write and review the game and to all those who have rated it on the App Store and on various review sites.

What’s Next?

Well, this is not it, we have a huge update coming before Christmas that will add multiplayer competitive angle to the game, an update that will change the way you are challenged in Dead Among Us. Stay tuned for more via Facebook and Twitter.

If you haven’t yet played Dead Among Us, we seriously suggest you do it NOW! Download for Free from App Store or Play Store


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