Become a Millionaire in Bowling Central

Yes, you heard that right! With the latest update of Bowling Central, 2.5, you can now win up to 10 million.

Introducing new Millionaire rooms

Online V/S mode in Bowling Central was first introduced with 2 bowling rooms – Thunder Strike and Midnight Hook, which brought in the concept of betting and winning chips in the game. While the winning prize for these rooms started with as less as 100 in-game chips in Thunder Strike, with introduction of new rooms the stakes and the winning amounts have increased dramatically; with prizes now ranging up to 10 million.

The latest update has brought in 5 new rooms in the Online V/S mode, wherein the stakes are high, very high and so is the winning prize! These new rooms are Lucky Roll, Spin Fire, Pride Alley, Knockout Pro & Tenpin Masters with prizes starting from 1 million and going up to 10 million!

Think you can put up a striking performance? Get rolling, UPDATE now!

Millionaire rooms in Bowling Central for iPhone and iPad

Other new features

Apart from these Millionaire rooms, we have also introduced weekly competitions, wherein players can showcase their skills and rise on the leaderboard week after week! One can view the leaderboard for the current week as well as for the past 4 weeks. Here’s a picture showing this week’s ranking in Bowling Central –

Weekly leaderboard ranking - Bowling Central on iPhone and iPad

There’s also a new ranking system that you will find in the latest update of Bowling Central. The rankings are based on player’s level of experience and performance in the Online V/S and Tournament mode. Any player would first start with the Beginner rank, followed by Novice, Student, Amateur and can go up to becoming a “Bowling God” – an unbeatable Bowling God!

Currently, Ki is leading the game and has reached  level 42 with “Hotshot” rank. Which rank do you stand on?  Update your game to know!

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