Announcing Top E-Sports Tennis Players of 2016

Last year, during Australian Open 2016, we released a big update of Flick Tennis Online with the introduction of online events, which maps directly to real-world tennis tournaments happening all over the world. During the same time, we also released the first-ever ranking of 2015 Top E-sports tennis players in the world. Till 2015, rankings were calculated based on the number of matches won by each player. However, with the introduction of online events, we also revived our ranking mechanism to closely resemble the ranking system used professionally in real-world tennis tournaments.

New heights

During 2016, the game featured more than 36 online events including grand events like Australia, France, Wimbledon and US. Daily active players increased as much as 60% with top players continuing their stellar performance. With the introduction of in-game online community, Flick Tennis Online witnessed the highest ever community engagement with player to discussion ratio of as high as 3.5.

You can read various discussions and watch replay of matches on Flick Tennis’s Everyplay community page

The List

We’re proud to announce the top E-sports tennis players of 2016. These players represents the best-in-class on the e-sports tennis scene and have truly earned their position with sheer talent and consistent hard-work. Join us as we congratulate these top E-sports tennis players in the world.


dyson mk from Belfast, United Kingdom, moved from #3 to take the #1 spot this year with more than 50,000 points and MeanAI2000 moving from #7 into Top 3. 2016 also saw 5 new players entering into top 10 league.

What our players have to say

In their own words, here is what our top players have to say about Flick Tennis Online.

dyson mk (#1) aka Mark Welburn says

For me the best thing about Flick is there are so many great players and I’m proud to have met some lifelong friends.

dyson mk have been playing the game for almost 3 years now and spends from 1 hour to 6 or 7 in a day.

MeanAI2000 (#3) aka Susan from New York City says

I LOVE FLICK TENNIS!!!! I play Flick Tennis everyday for approximately 1 to 5 hours on the weekday and 5 to 10 hours on the weekend

Susan has been playing Flick Tennis since 2013.

Tominat0r (#7) aka Shuro from Jakarta (Indonesia) says

FTO make my imagination as prof tennis player like real”

Shuro spends 6 hours average per day in the game. Shuro has been playing the game since mid-2015.

Featured Match

As we look towards 2017, we’re featuring one of the nail-biting matches from Flick Tennis Online between Tominat0r (#7) and petrshikin (#6) below.


Flick Tennis Online is available on iOS for free on the Apple App Store. Download link.

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